We’re a unique blend of creative magic and scientific rigor. Our skillset contributes to the bottom line of both business and the world. It opens up growth opportunities, moves people, transforms structures and influences culture. We’re a new generation of entrepreneurial-minded optimists. A globally operating network, working on long-term solutions built on positivity, curiosity, bravery and resilience.

We are a network of changemakers, aspiring to become the world’s next Phenomenons.


6 clear principles guide us through all the collaborations that we engage in.

︎ Emotional Intelligence

We value holistic, honest and authentic relationships built through self awareness and empathy for the world around us.
︎ Grounded in Business Reality

We take strong responsibility for the outcome of our work. It reflects in the way we do business, and the way we set it up.

︎ Taking a Stance

We value strong opinions and fight for them. They serve a larger purpos and have been molded by decades of curiosity, bravery and resilience.
︎ Rigor & Insight

We shift perspectives, humanize data, envision outcomes. Create, test and prove foundation for our ideas.
︎ Inclusive & interdisciplinary

We actively foster diversity of culture and thought, encouraging unusual connections that deliver unexpected solutions.
︎ Mutual Benefits

We ensure that everything we do, creates a positive outcome for all involved. We expect the same from anyone that joins our network. 

We believe in long-term solutions built on positivity, curiosity, bravery and resilience.

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