Client : Hornbach

Turn a foreign retail giant into a local favorite. 

Experience Innovation Creative Culture
Hornbach is being perceived as a great retail chain, but also as a cold and distant German brand, with little emotional connection to local Dutch Do It Yourself communities. We've been asked to turn that around, and make Hornbach a DIY's favorite. 

The data
There is not a lot of data on record about this unique subculture. So we submerged ourselves in this unique subculture and explored a world full of beautiful stories of strong values, purpose and obstacles. It quickly pushed us towards a very clear direction. These people just don’t quit and like any maker, artist and creative, it’s not as much about the end result, as it is about the journey. One big difference: they, the DIY community, goes trough much, much more length to get there. Every bruise, every scar, every painful decision. Year in, year out. It all adds up to a larger story, fueled with relentless perseverance.

The Concept
In order to build a more sincere and lasting connection with Hornbach’s main costumers, we moved away from their trademark communication, in favour of a more realistic and empathic approach. Creating is larger than life, and there is just no quitting involved. This is rooted deep at the core of this subculture and Hornbach understands that. We figured it was about time to let their costumes know.  We dubbed this: A tribute to perseverance.

Experience Innovation
To push the strategy to the next level, we proposed a ongoing conversation with their key customers. Leaving messages on voice mails, bombarding construction yards with guerrilla mesages and connecting to store goers over the intercom system was all part of a larger capaign to win over the souls of the Dutch Customers. 

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