1. A new, progressive consumer-culture wants to break through.
2. Legacy business -both corporation and services industry- is not capable of answering this change.


There is a famous cartoon called Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. A cunning, insidious and constantly hungry Coyote repeatedly attempts to catch and eat the Road Runner, a fast-running ground bird. But whatever he tries -and he uses all kinds of outlandish methods-, the bird never gets affected by his frantic schemes. Even worse, it’s him that takes all the hits, when his tricks backfire at the worst possible times.  For the world’s leading corporations, things are going pretty much the other way around. No matter what tricks they pull to still their constant hunger for growth, they keep getting away with it. Backed by governments, and a services industry without any ethics, they manage to catch the bird over, and over, and over again. Making anybody but them pay the price.

It created a system where the direct consequences of actions are not the responsibillity of the one that has been causing them. There is no skin in the game. No personal risk. "Business won't be in business if we don't accommodate consumers ... and people still want plastic bottles”" is the logic of Bea Perez, a Senior VP at The Coca Cola Company, to justify their ongoing production of single-use plastic bottles. 200.000, every single minute. That something so incredibly short-sighted was stated by someone so high up in the ranks, is both mind-numbing and all-saying. The truth is: people don’t want plastic bottles and everybody hates the mess The Coca Cola Company creates. Add global obesity and diabetes to the plastic polution and its clear that The Coca Cola Company reaps all the benefits - a net operating revenue of over 30 billion dollars year after year-, while leaving the mass destruction for anybody -but themselves- to solve. 

There is no doubt that the ugly mess it creates will backfire. Sooner rather than later if the signs are right. The fragile, single-minded way of building business created a world filled with inferior products and services. Surely we can outperform this when we start truly innovating. Even more when we bring the singular qualities of technology into the mix.


Purposeful technology is the key to a more sustainable way of living, and a more progressive society. From the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and block chain, to food, energy and mobility, all the way to quantum computing; its exponential qualities have the ability to reshape the world - and when done right, most definitely for the better. Technology will favour a new generation of businesses in four clear ways: it makes better products, it creates better business models, it supports better business ethics and it increases the quality of strategic and creative support to grow. 

Better products
This is a no-brainer. From e-bikes to lab grown meat, biotechnology to renewable energy, digital applications and augmented reality; the list of possibilities for improvement is almost endless. The singular qualities of these products ensure a rapid takeover once they gain traction. 

Better business models
The World Economic Forum predicts that the people in the world's largest cities won't own anything anymore by the year 2030. Everything is a service, enabled by technology. This is a huge push for sustainability, circularity, and the regenerative agenda. And therefore, for any innovative business with business models that reframed consumerism towards a more lasting concept. 

Better business ethics
The rise of ledger technology, but just as much the democratic and viral power of social media, is creating the transparency needed to expose false claims and unethical practice, and will be a key driver towards a new culture of business accountability. Acting on the spot, on a global level.

Better support
The much needed support to take on the incumbents comes from augmented intelligence. This means strategic and creative intelligence augmented by big data analytics, decentralized networks, network effects, open source development, immediate customer feedback, social media virality, predictive algorithms, and robotization of all routine tasks.

The powerful symbiosis of human intelligence and state of the art technology is creating a superior business practice, selling superior products through superior business models. Disrupting and replacing incumbents in a matter of years.


In the seventies, the average tenure of a company in the s&p 500 was 34 years. Upcoming decade, it will be 10. This means that half of the companies in the S&P 500 are going to be replaced by 2030. Moreover, studies show that only 21% of executives is prepared to capture growth opportunities, and a mere 6% is satisfied with their innovation performance. And even though executives understand the importance of technology, just 29% invests heavily in it. These numbers sound like music to the ears of anyone with a vision to disrupt and improve. 

The corporations dug a hole they can't escape. Their lack of vision, a single minded focus on profit, and promotion of incremental innovations, created environments that quell any culture of innovation. Their rigid business models don't allow for disruptive approaches. Their narratives lack credibility. Their operations cannot support change. Talent left. And the services industry they're accustomed to fall back on, has a very hard time figuring out how to survive themselves.

So even though the chasm between these multinationals, and a new generation of emerging impact businesses seems to be enormous, don't mind it. The competitive advantage they have gained is linear. Ad their abillity to innovate is incremental.

Incumbent’s lack of innovation culture and an overall inability to rapidly adapt, connected to the exponential qualities of technological innovations can help challengers to catch up in no-time. Making us  convinced of an above-and-beyond approach. For mankind.


Its not a surprise that the embodiment of change activism is a teenager. It's clear by now that actual improvements won't come from the top. Even worse, it does a hell of a job of stopping it. But there is no stopping to a bottom up movement. Not this day and age. The majority of people demand change and are eager to embrace any initiative that comes on their paths. From grassroots movements to savvy and credible new businesses that combine the right product with a rallying narrative and a great tone of voice. This is wonderful news for any ambitious visionary. With culture on your side, you can take leaps. 

Consumers are anxiously waiting for new business models, new products and solutions that provide an improved way forward. In recent surveys, 78% says its no longer acceptable for business to just make money. And 88% want business to help them make a difference in life. They’re willing to spend more, and are more loyal to businesess that know how to fill the void.

Enabling this new, much more progressive consumer culture to break through is serious business. It is an open space and an opportunity that barely took shape yet. The UN already calculated that there is 12 trillion dollar in market opportunities waiting for enterprises that prove to be able to capitalize on the Global Goals. A 2019 study by impact investment firm Giin shows that impact investments grew exponentially recent years, with no signs of stopping soon. Joe Biden introduced the “build back better program”, promissing to focus post-covid recovery on rebuilding a much more healthy economy. He reserved 2 trillion dollars for the upcoming years to be spend on new initiatives. A similar program takes shape in the UK, called the green Industrial revolution. And in 2019, Europe introduced the green deal. Running for 7 years, from 2021 till 2027, it will mobilize 25% of the EU budget for climate financing and invest in environmental objectives through several EU programs.

The incumbents, the fragilistas, the corporations, the ones that caused the damage haven’t got the will, nor the ability to play into this change. It’s up to a new generation of enterprises to break through. To cater to a much more progressive culture of change. Creating solutions that deliver exponential impact. We’re here for the visionaries - both big and small- that think bold enough to make this happen. 

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