Client : The Fun of Missing Out

Innovating the camping experience so that new generations can fall in love with it all over again.

Business Design Experience Innovation
Camping is a very outdated industry, to say the least. With campgrounds created with the sole purpose to cramp in as much people in as possible, an business models that revolve around square meters of grass, screaming children and seasonal peaks. It’s not weird a new generation lost interest. This is a huge problem for the industry leaders, missing out great potential, even endangering its very right of existence. The  industry federation asked us to conceptualize a future business model for camping. Starting with culture, intertwining purposeful technology. 

The Data
A new generation of city people lives a life full of consumption, information, product overload and work-pressure. This causes enormous amounts of stress, even burn- outs at the age of twenty-something. Data shows millennials have a strong desire to disconnect and recharge once in a while. But have a really hard time finding the tools and products that deliver. 

Experience Innovation
If we reframe the mental construct of camping, and make it about the disconnecting power of nature, it makes the perfect antidote to our hyperconnected lifes. When we minimise the effort and make every touchpoint as smooth and fun as possible, we create a unique and simple solution to a huge problem.

No more impossible searches for great campgrounds, no more uncertainty if the 6 hour drive is actually worth it. No more camping for the sake of it, or the purchase of expensive one-time gear. No more stress and disappointment. We create an experience that inspires, motivates and facilitates from the first visual till the very end. Just to do it over and over again. Rebuilding the camping-experience from the ground up.

            • New generation appealing product
            •  Platfrom driven technology
            • Community & movement
            • Culture resonating proposition

“Go back to the basics, and present the easiest, most fun and affordable answer to the pressure and demands of modern city life. Get inspired by the slow movement and develop a narrative, products and initiatives that bring an actual solution to the stressful and hyper connected lifestyle that is rife amongst millennials and gen z in the world’s urban areas.”


Grow a camping in a globalized world. |
Use technology in a ways it contributes to the solution, not the problem. 
| Connect culture with technology to design a future proof solution. |
Enrich the mental framework of camping with mindfulness. | Design a seamless offline - online experience. | Create a scalable solution for a localized offer. | Ensure quality of the expience. | Cut through the noise in a overly saturated market space. 

Solution Summary

Apply purposeful technology to create a lowest-threshold for usage. | Work from the cultural framework of festivals, not camping. | Design a mindfullness solution, not a camping innovation. | Create a independent business and set up collaborations to maximize impact. 

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