What we do

We believe in rigorous creativity as the foundation for breakthrough growth. Collaborating with visionary leaders to get from where they are right now, to where they want to go. Breaking boundaries. Shaping society. Inspiring the future of business. 


We’ve merged innovative creative output and leadership collaboration into an offering that sets the stage for accelerated business growth. 


Business Design

We combine data, science, deep research and bold thinking to give visionary leaders a radical, unique and innovate business narrative.
Experience Innovation 

We map ecosystems, and apply transformational creativity to design experiences, products & services that reach far beyond the superficial.

Creative Culture

We use rapid prototyping to surface the best ideas. By working closely with executive teams, we weave creative culture into the business.


Strategic Consulting

The road forward can be challenging. We're your problem solvers anytime, all the time.

Creative Direction

Making sure your ecosystem cuts through the noise, in line with a stand-out vision and message. 

Executive Production

We'll make our world-class network work for you. No matter the size of the wallet.

Interim Services

We build creative business from the inside, so you can outperform independently.


Designing an urban mobility movement.



A deep understanding of social and mental constructs proves to be of indispensable value in the transition towards a new economy. From electric mobility, circularity, block chain technology, anything as a service, to the transition towards a meatless lifestyle; we're as comfortable as it gets in these exciting new areas of business.


Start ups & scale ups with a vision to change the world and the energy to get it done.
Disruptive bottom-up initiatives with a desire to create progressive movement.
Corporates looking to explore new paths, deepen their purpose and enhance their cultural resonance.

What our clients say

“Hornbach always stood side by side with their customers and this concept showcases that perfectly. We’re firmly connecting the values of the brand to the emotional values of our customers. And with thorough research, a unique concept and quality production, Phenomenons was able to hit exactly the right chord.”

M. Post
Marketing Director Hornbach NL

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