The world is moving into a system change. This is great, and it can be highly rewarding for the ones that embrace and drive the new. Creating business that drives economic-, social- and environmental wealth. But to get there, we need better business models. Better use of technology. Better mental constructs. Better cultural narratives. That’s a tall order and it gets complicated, fast.

We use rigorous creative business design to help you get there. Applying extraodinary creativity and innovation, inspiring the masses to participate. Providing a stage for purposeful, breakthrough growth. 


We provide a stage for purposeful, breakthrough growth. Contributing to the bottom line of both business and the world.

Our Services

A combination of our strategic framework, three horizon backplanning, and an unique creative growth model provides you with a stage for purposeful, breakthrough growth. 


Business Design

Combining data, science, deep research and bold creative thinking to give leaders a radical, innovate and highly resonating business narrative. Creating a seamless purpose-to-culture-fit.  
Experience Innovation

Mapping ecosystems, applying transformational creativity and purposeful technology to design experiences, products, and services that inspire mass participation and have to potential to exponentially grow. 

Creative Culture

Lasting change happens when every little detail keeps adding up. So we provide strategic, creative and production services, design collaborative models to hardwire creative culture into your ever more fluid business.


A Continious Creative Cycle

Our Strategic Framework ensures we keep working towards your North Star, while designing businesses, products, services and experiences that weave purpose, technology and participation into their core. By combining this framework with a three horizon strategy, we help you make the right creative decisions on the right time. From the first cycle, till the very end.


Future Phenomenons Flow Model


Designing an urban mobility movement


Future Phenomenons

We’re here for anybody with a desire and motivation to lead the change. Regarding size, stage or business model. 

Driven by a strong sense of purpose and a deep desire to make an impact on the world.
Actively take the lead in the participation of all stakeholders towards a common larger goal.
First movers and believers that creativity and innovation will be the driving force for good business.

What our clients say

“Hornbach always stood side by side with their customers and this concept showcases that perfectly. We’re firmly connecting the values of the brand to the emotional values of our customers. And with thorough research, a unique concept and quality production, Phenomenons was able to hit exactly the right chord.”

M. Post
Marketing Director Hornbach NL

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