We’re a creative consultancy committed to helping the most ambitious entrepreneurs positively influence the future. Our business model is purpose-built to bring world-class strategic & creative thinking, meticulous execution, and a global specialist network within reach of a new generation of change-makers. 


We value authentic relationships built through self awareness and empathy for the world around us.

We take strong responsibility for the outcome of our work. It reflects in the way we do business, and the way we set it up.

We value our opinions and fight for them. They have been molded by decades of curiosity, bravery and resilience.

We actively foster diversity of thought, encouraging unusual connections that deliver unexpected solutions.
We shift perspectives, humanize data, envision outcomes. Create, test and improve foundation for our ideas.
We spend all our time and energy ensuring that what we do, creates a positive outcome for all involved. We expect the same from anyone we work with.


We add value. A lot, if we do our job right. But doing extraordinary things means taking the time to do it. So we work with fixed fees, revenue dependent subscriptions, and a performance based structure.

“We’re a new generation of entrepreneurial-minded optimists, looking for long-term solutions built on curiosity, bravery and resilience.”


Ruben Smit. Founder + Director.

We're not your average creative set up. We hold degrees in design, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and strategy. We worked at the most respected creative powerhouses and for the world’s most influential brands.

It is the desire for something more profound that united us.

Our unique skillset contributes to the bottom line of both business and the world. Our thinking opens up growth opportunities, shifts mindsets, transforms structures and influences culture. Our doing creates experiences that pull on the fabric of society.

We’re a new generation of entrepreneurial-minded optimists, looking for long-term solutions built on curiosity, bravery and resilience. We feel we have purpose in what we do and we’re always on the lookout for partnerships that feel the same. Applying rigor, deep insights and creative thinking to design a better future.

We are us. We’re a world class creative network. We’re a new generation of game changing businesses. We are transformation.

We are Phenomenons.

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